Reference On Call

Northeast Massachusetts

Free library reference service by phone and e-mail for
residents of northeast Massachusetts during hours that
supplement your local library's services

1 - 866 - REF - ON - CALL

About Reference On Call

Telephone and Web-based Services

Reference on Call Northeast Massachusetts is a service designed to assist library users by telephone and e-mail at hours when their local public library is not open.  This service is provided at no charge to residents in the 54 towns served by NMRLS, the Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System. 

The services are provided by libraries in the region under agreement with NMRLS.  We invite you to use our toll-free number 866-REF-ON-CALL (866-733-6625) or via our web form to contact us.  Professional reference librarians will respond promptly with information and/or referal. 

We do not require personal information about our clients, however, we do require all clients to provide their telephone number so we can track service use by community.  Due to our limited budget, we reserve the right to deny telepone and e-mail based services when inquiries are made from outside our service area. 

Services provided by Lawrence Law Library, Memorial Hall Library (Andover), and Reading Public Library.

Reference on Call is designed only to supplement local library services. We encourage you to visit and support your local library.

Walk-in Services

This project also provides for extended hours of walk-in library service.  This service  is available to all Massachusetts residents at the following locations: 

Additional Information

For further information about Northeast Regional Reference Services, please visit or contact our office at [email protected] or 978-762-4433. 

This service provided to the residents of northeast Massachusetts by the Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System (NMRLS) through state funding administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC)

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